Monday, May 22, 2017

Mystery Hives

Not long ago, just when the weather fully warmed, our youngest daughter ran outside to play a game of basketball.  Moments later, she returned with splotchy, blotchy marks up and down her arms, around her neck and covering her face.  The marks were itchy and later, when not itchy, were sore to the touch.  Her skin was clearly not happy.  A dose of Benedryl, plus a cool shower later, and she seemed back to her typical self.

It happened again playing golf and then later, walking to get an ice cream cone.  No new lotions, no perfumes, nothing different in her diet or even her daily routine.  The only commonality of triggers (that we were able to identify) was that each event happened as she spent time in the sun.  The brighter the sunshine and the longer the time spent in the UV light, the worse her hives became.  Eventually, I was even able to capture an episode on camera.  Towards the end of the video, my voice becomes a bit unsettled as literally, I am watching her skin break into tiny watery blisters as she miserably looks on.  To my horror, there is nothing to prevent this from happening.  All we can do is administer Benedryl after the fact.  This is not an ideal treatment as the Benedryl is making her more tired and irritable at having no energy, despite her wanting to participate in all of the fun things that she loves to do.  This is my child that loves to create, invent, participate and be active.  Nothing ever gets her down... until this.

We have an endocrine appointment scheduled for Friday in which we will discuss the results of a recent blood draw.  Since our youngest has been diagnosed with both T1D and Hashimoto's, I have looked into many research papers in which there is a correlation between chronic hives and autoimmune disorders. One study linked high TSH with hives.  Another cited references to the wacky immunity that already exists and declaring that being allergic to many things is a high probability.  A friend within our hospital directed me to further review Mast Cells and specifically, Mast Cell Disease.  I have spoken off-hand to several trusted providers in hopes of finding that one 'cure' but as of the weekend, the best advice was given by our long time provider.  He suggested adding not only Zyrtec but also, Zantac to her daily vitamins which already include a probiotic, vitamin D and a multi vitamin.

When I have talked about this, several adults that also live with T1d have stepped forward to open up about their experiences with hives.  Not one has had an answer of how they cleared up (or if they ever really did as many have chronic issues which unpredictably flare).  While I am not sure what to do in the case of youngest daughter, I would love to at least gather experiences in a way that hopefully provides a road map to solving the mystery of these hives.

As you all know, golf season is here and for our girls, this is their passion.  I can't imagine sending her out to play under this condition with no relief other than exhaustion after taking an antihistamine.  Poor girl.  She deserves better. Her very first Michigan Junior Amateur is right around the corner, so I am hopeful we can get her some relief before then.  Any help is appreciated.  

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