Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Treatment Number 2

Last night, our youngest completed treatment number 2 towards her Chronic Urticaria.  Overall, it seemed to be a smoother process.  She knew what to expect in terms of the injections and because of that, her pain tolerance was higher.  There was still discussion about the Xolair feeling 'thick' and 'Gooey', however, once done, she moved into the recovery room without any grumbles.

And now we wait.

This is what is hard.  I so badly want to test her reaction and see if there is an improved tolerance to the sun.  Yet, from our much hyped first visit, when we did that, nothing changed.  She still had hives the second the sun touched her arms and face.  It was a bit defeating and definitely disappointing.

So we wait.  And see if there is improvement as it naturally may occur. 

Thank you for the continued well wishes, support and prayers.  We are hopeful, always.