Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Diabetes Camp: Packing List

Looking ahead at the busy end-of-school and beginning-of-summer seasons, our calendar is already an busy bee-hive of activity.

Mother's Day
Spring Band Concert
Walk Kick-Off
Field Day

And the list goes on.  Whew.  I think I am already exhausted! 

One thing that I do keep in the back of my mind is the list of packing necessities for two little girls that will be successfully heading off to camp for a week in June. 

A few weeks before they leave, I usually pull out the duffle bags and start packing as I head down the list of what I have and what I need to buy.

It is really the 'buying' part that hangs me up!  This year, I am vowing to stay on top of it and as I see things, I am going to go ahead and pick them up. 

In case you are itching to start preparations and planning for your own camp adventure, here is a great list of ideas on what to pack for camp (diabetes supplies are not included in this Naturally Sweet Sisters List as your camp may not want you to bring anything.  Check beforehand with your camp director or take a peek at this POST HERE to see what we recently brought on vacation.)

Hope you have a wonderful camp experience!

Diabetes Summer Camp Packing List

1 pair jeans
1 pair sweatpants
2 sweatshirts
8 - 10 pairs of socks (a few extra pairs never hurts)
8-10 pairs of underwear (a few extra pairs never hurts)
1 pair of pajamas
5 shirts
5 shorts
2 swimsuits
1 swim shirt to prevent sunburn
1 swimsuit cover-up
1 raincoat
1 sun hat
1 nicer outfit for the dance evening

tip:  pack one day's worth in a large Ziploc style bag and mark with child's name.

tip:  be sure to specify the clothes meant for dance night so there is no confusion.

tip:  no need to bring jewelry or items that would be irreplaceable.

1 pair of tennis shoes or closed toe athletic style sandals
1 pair of croc-style shoes
1 pair of flip-flop sandals (to wear in the shower)

tip: plastic croc style shoes are great because the kids can simply hose them down at the end of a muddy exploration day at camp.  Sneakers may be ruined, so don't pack your best pair.

2 towels (1 for swimming and one for showering)
1 washcloth
liquid soap
wet wipes
sun block lip balm
aloe vera
nail clippers

tip:  discourage both boys and girls from wearing heavy cologne or perfume during the week as it tends to attract insects.  Save it for the dance night.

tip: hanging toiletry cases work great.  Have your child grab their bag to take directly into the bathroom with everything they need already packed inside.

Outdoor Equipment
bug spray
zinc oxide
swim goggles

tip:  if you are sending your camper to horseback ride, you may opt to bring your own helmet.

Cabin Equipment
sleeping bag or sheets
extra blanket
Clip-on battery operated fan or plug-in fan with extension cord

extra batteries for flashlight
water bottle
disposable camera
sling bag for carrying gear during the day
laundry bag
favorite night time stuffed animal and/or a picture of a loved one
bath rug for keeping dirt out of sleeping bag/bed
feminine supplies
a book to read
deck of cards
small game
pre-addressed and pre-postage paid stamped postcards
prescription medication labeled with your child's name and date/time/amount to be dosed - on the bottle
contacts/cleaning solution/extra pair
eyeglasses/carrying case

tip:  mark everything with your child's name.  Even care package items should be pre-marked with your child's name to help avoid confusion.

What NOT To Pack
electronic devices
guns of any kind - including toys or water guns
pocket knives
food - snacks/treats/cookies

tip:  most camps discourage or do not allow cell phones/iPods/kindles.  If it is valuable, do not send it. 

tip:  most camps will not allow spending money.  Consider purchasing any camp themed mementos on the drop-off day or the pick-up day of camp.

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