Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Blurring The Lines - Insight Into Friendships

Scanning through my 'Facebook Feed', I suddenly realize that the lines between type 1 diabetes and non-type 1 diabetes have been blurred.  No longer is there a distinction between friends that understand and those that do not. 

Maybe it was from the process of natural selection or maybe a bit of weeding occurred.  I admit that early on, a few had to be plucked.  Like the mom who voiced concern about all of the 'needles and blood in our home'.  Um, good-bye.

But then the happiest thing occurred with friends learning and embracing type 1 diabetes.

One note from a friend (without children living with type 1 diabetes) tells me that the birthday treat from her son to be brought to school is a popsicle and each is 14 carbs.

Swoon!  Such a kind, kind, kind gesture from a mom who cares.

Another feed announces a recap on the latest type 1 diabetes gadget.  A couple of others come from my own blog but have friends without type 1 diabetes adding helpful hints.

My friends have been following along and want to help, like they would with anything happening within our life.  I think diabetes has been demystified and we have shown how normal all of this is.

Two other friends that I can't imagine not knowing share a story (that has nothing to do with diabetes)about their families.  While we met through diabetes, I am friends because I truly enjoy their company.

Love this the most!  The best part of diabetes has been connecting with so many wonderful people!

And so it goes...  with almost every post/feed/friendship connected back to type 1 diabetes. 

Remarkably after seven years, everyone is on the same page.


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