Saturday, May 4, 2013

Thank You To Our Fairy Godmother: Miss Susan

It is the day after the JDRF Promise Ball.

My heart is full, it is light and after seeing people giving freely to JDRF to help our children, it is also bursting with hope. 

But most of all, it is exuding oodles and oodles of love and gratitude.  Really, I am a big puddle of mush in thinking to how wonderful the day's events were.

Thank you to JDRF and especially, to the wonderfully talented Susan, for allowing our family to take part in such a special evening.

Saying thank you really isn't enough. 

You made a difference tonight. 

Not just in the world of research and science, but in the lives of two little girls.

As I tucked them into bed last night, our youngest daughter said, "I now know that we really are going to get a cure.  I saw that tonight."

Thank you Susan for being our fairy godmother.


Shari said...

Omg! She makes me cry! We are so blessed to know you! It is no wonder your blog is called Naturally Sweet Sisters! I would like to rename it Sticky Swwet Family! The way you raise your family with such love and devotion would make any mother jealous! You are the best and your family follows behind like perfect ducklings! Be proud of yourself because YOU make a difference!

Naturally Sweet Sisters said...

I love your humor!!! Your mom is so proud of you!!!!! Actually, after seeing the generous bid that your family made, I think I should be changing your name:) ROCK STAR TEAM!!!!!

Seriously though, I think type 1 diabetes changed us so dramatically that we do really see the world differently. But still, as with anything, we are far from perfect and making mess ups every day. That's the other thing about diabetes, it sure does teach you to be humble. One in range blood sugar is followed up with enough to make you want to lose your mind. Shari, I still can't believe that we got to live in a real life fairy tale!