2016 and beyond: Our T1D Diabetes Management Style

Welcome to Naturally Sweet Sisters!

In the years since our daughters were diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, our family has learned that there are many, many ways of managing blood sugars.

We have written about our history in using multiple daily injection (MDI) to choosing an insulin pump and continuous glucose monitor.  While we currently love the technology we are using right now, this may or may not always remain the case.  As our children grow and we find their needs and desires change, we are open to new (and old) options, such as returning to MDI or switching insulin pump brands.

The interesting thing about modern day type 1 diabetes care is what works best for some, is not best for all.  At Naturally Sweet Sisters, we will continue to evolve into different type 1 diabetes management styles.

We will try to bring new products to the blog in hopes of helping other families looking for new and better ways to manage their own personal care.  We will also review old products that have worked and continue to work, in spite of newer technology.

Sharing helpful hints, tips and techniques from other families has been what has helped our own Naturally Sweet Sisters thrive.  Our family truly is grateful for the support and want to be able to pass it along to others. 

Thank-you for reading our blog and we hope you enjoy the journey of the Naturally Sweet Sisters!