Saturday, February 23, 2013

Vacation - See What We Are Packing!

Our vacation is almost here!  Seeing those dates on the calendar loom closer and closer makes so excited.  It is like the countdown to Christmas, except better, because this place we are heading to has a big, yellow, heated globe in the sky....

Yes!  You guessed it! The Florida sun, baby!!!  We are heading to see that big, handsome mouse at Walt Disney World!!!  Read here for more on Walt Disney World and Diabetes.

Remember when I told you about a recent Expo on World Diabetes Day where we had the pleasure of speaking to our favorite pump reps?  Well, at that little conference, the girls were gifted some swag in the form of a laptop looking case from Animas.

The case is really neat and has a short handle and a long comfy strap for over the shoulder hands free ease.  There is also a large pocket on the exterior that is perfect for easy access to important medical paperwork and contact information.  Bonus is that this case is only about two inches wide and super light weight.  So much nicer for our trip and truly a space saver.

It also came lined with a removable foam insert that would most likely fit a nice sample selection of pump accessories.

Which is great if you are out there selling Animas Ping insulin pumps.

Since my girls are not in that business (although, we could be at this point), I put my thinking cap on and carved out a little bit of the foam and made a custom area for all of the things that we would need on our vacation.


Isn't this gorgeous?  And who knew that seeing our pump supplies so neatly arranged would make my heart pitter-patter like this???  I hope I am not the only one.

On one side of the case, I placed our basic pump and blood sugar meter supplies. 

On the other side, I added things like extra batteries for the meters and for our Animas pumps.  I also included an array of wipes like Unisolve, IV Prep and Alcohol Swabs. 

Since anything can and does usually happen on vacation, I made sure to add EMLA cream for numbing (sunburn and infusion sets are not fun for anyone), neosporin and even a little fast acting sugar in the form of Smarties (USA brand).   Notice that package of BD Ultra-Fine syringes?  Emergency back up for anything that might happen.  Scissors, Cortaid, nail clippers, vaseline and a thermometer top off the set. 


Things that you don't see like Apidra and Lantus will be added at the last minute to a waterproof container that will fit neatly into our cooler.  We will also add our youngest daughter's Levothyroxin and make sure to bring a few kid-friendly chewable ibuprofin tablets as one last safety measure.  While I don't mind buying things on vacation, I find that it helps all of us if mom can magically produce whatever we need right there in the hotel room. 

Ah, the magic of mom - I mean, er, Disney! 


AnnaMarie said...

You are truly amazing my friend! As are your girls!!

AnnaMarie said...

...and all your prep-work ahead of time will help to ensure the MAGIC stays the priority of your time away! :) ENJOY!! :)

Scott K. Johnson said...

So nice and organized!

Naturally Sweet Sisters said...

Every single time I see that case loaded up with diabetes 'stuff' - I get sooooo excited! It was like the Diabetes fairy left us an overnight package:)

Thanks for enjoying it with me AnnaMarie and Scott!!!! Happy dancing!!!