Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Little Time Off

Valentine's Day Slumber Party - Hubby's Man Cave Is Now The Party Place

Unexpectedly, I took a few days off from blogging. 

It started with a few skimpier than normal posts while we had snow days and then, continued as my kids recovered from a surprise cold virus.  By the end of the week and after another snow day, we dove headlong into Valentine's Day with class parties for each of the girls and then, a slumber party at our home.  Finally, the kids and I enjoyed an extra long weekend for winter break.

The end result was me dumping everything (sorry, T1D Peeps!) to be with my family.  Nothing in this world makes me happier than having these types of precious moments and I feel so lucky to be able to have this magical time.

Although now that I look at our train wreck of a house, I wonder if the second most happiest thing is a cleaning crew????  Certainly, I could use one!

As my time away from the blogosphere happened, life quietly continued on in the world of type 1 diabetes.

Two separate families learned of their children becoming diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.  Another family bravely fought and conquered a school that wasn't allowing their child to be cared for under the ADA 504 plan.  One family had enough and headed off to Disney World.  The same family dealing with 504 issues started their child on an insulin pump.  Two other families headed off to their endocrinologist for their quarterly appointments.  One had a great report and the other recovered and vowed to do better next time.

And then, most happily, one mom gave birth on Valentine's Day to a brand new baby girl.

Life continued on.  Some good, some bad and almost everything in between.

And for us?

Well, a week away from blogging was only just that.  There were infusion sets to try (and fail), there were CGMs to be ripped out (and replaced), there were snacks to be bolused for (and some forgotten) and there were many, many, many blood glucose checks.

A week away from the Internet wasn't really a week away from diabetes in general.  It was just some time to spend with the family and enjoy everything lovely and wonderful about kids growing up. 

And as always, with type 1 diabetes.

But even with type 1 diabetes lurking and demanding attention, there was plenty of time for sleep-ins, slumber parties, pizza and popcorn, silly movies, board games, shopping and outdoors play.  Memories were made and fun was had by all.

And that was exactly what we needed - especially with type 1 diabetes.

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