Wednesday, February 13, 2013

DOC Recommended - Arnica Gel

Arniflora - Arnica Gel

Since youngest daughter has been pumping insulin for over six years, for the first time ever, her arms were starting to look a little worse for the wear.  My older daughter, newer at just three years of insulin pumping also had a few distinguishing marks on her stomach that refused to disappear.  Not to mention the site marks from CGMs.  The girls are getting double the potential for scars.  Neither one were particularly worried about them as they didn't cause pain or too much trouble. 

I did start to worry though.

As I noticed how my beloved Vaseline wasn't able to erase the marks, I quietly filed the mental question of what would work until I had a chance to ask my fellow DOC'ers.

Thankfully, the DOC knows everything about T1d and has not led me astray yet. 

But you might wonder at why I was worried when clearly my own two daughters were not.

Here is my concern: 

As a mom of daughters, I fretted over the day where body image might become an issue to either one of my children (and maybe, hopefully, it NEVER will).  While I stress only positives of their uniqueness in beauty, I am aware that many kids (and adults) are self-deprecating by nature.  My best friend that I love and adore often laments over a non-existent weight gain and is unquestionably beautiful - but still to do this day doesn't fully believe that fact!) Even without diabetes and me as their mother, would one day, quite possibly worry over their self-image.

What is hardest about that potential situation is that even though I do my best not to let type 1 diabetes rule the roost, I can't entirely avoid all of the damage that constant needle injections do to their skin.

My fear that I have shared before, is what happens on the day they want to wear a beautiful prom gown or a wedding dress and worry about showing their upper arms and detracting from the overall beauty of their special day? 

As irrational as this is, I do not want type 1 diabetes to overshadow any part of their happiness and so, I am very careful with setting up the boundaries needed to keep their bodies as healthy as possible.  It is my job as their mom until they are fully ready to take over.  Really, this is with diabetes or not.

So after much though, I stumbled across one of the Facebook T1d support groups and a post from a woman who is also living with t1d.  She recommended Arniflora - Arnica Gel.  This natural, homeopathic gel is semi-clear and goes on thinly as a topical to healed site marks.  Once on, it miraculously erases the mark and leaves only healthy, bright and clear skin.  Thanks to Pat W.!

This is my hand and it looks like I should use some too!

Wow.  This stuffs works.  After a week, almost all of the marks are gone and the few remaining look much less visible.  Their skin is softer and more smooth too. 

You can order it here on Amazon.

Now, I am not a doctor, nor do I play one on TV.  I can only speak for myself and our experience.  As with anything, you should ask your very real life medical doctor BEFORE trying this to see if it is right for you.  

And if you do, I would love it if you came back on here to share your results.  Or if you have a magic eraser for healed site marks and want to share that, please post it as well.  This is the part of the DOC that is most helpful.  The sharing of information from family to family -- after all, it does take a T1d village!


Christe said...

Thanks for this ! Do any stores carry it that you know of? I might have to give this a try for my DS.

Naturally Sweet Sisters said...

Yes! You can buy this at most drug store chains, although, the brand may be different. Just look for arnica gel. There is another brand that contains Ledum, which is a homeopathic remedy for puncture wounds. I haven't tried that but have also heard good things about it. If you do, come back and share when you can:)

Scott K. Johnson said...


And it makes total sense to me that you'd be worried about this.

Naturally Sweet Sisters said...

We are still using this and now, have started using it on almost every bump and bruise. It's working great on most all wounds. One deep bruise on youngest daughter's shin lightened about half from where it was in 24 hours. Now I am kicking myself for not knowing about this during all of those summers where banged up legs were a daily issue!! LOL!