Friday, February 22, 2013

Fresh Food Friday

After I wrote a blog article on how my daughters love to add a flavor to their plain, bottled water at school, one of my local friends and fellow t1d mom, Angela, recently reminded me of a fantastic water beverage that hit the market a short time ago.  The product is called Twisted Water and the dad, Peter Andoni that created the idea, did so on behalf of his young son who lives with type 1 diabetes.

From the Twisted Water website:

My son, Alex, was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes when he was seven years old. I made a commitment to Alex and to all of the 1 in 3 Americans born today that will have a form of diabetes to provide healthier beverage options.

This story gives me such warm fuzzies.  Not only do I love parents who are out there making a difference for their children, but I also love the idea that this father is going a step further in helping all of the other parents and children who are living with type 1 diabetes.

Yes, on behalf of his son, this father is also donating a portion of all Twisted Water proceeds straight back to JDRF to help with furthering research, technology and even a CURE!

Twisted Water and WOW Water are making good on that commitment. We have partnered with the JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) and are providing HEALTHY options in beverage choices TODAY! - Peter Andoni, Founder and CEO

What is better than that? 

Designed in a cool, sports-top plastic bottle, Twisted Water is full of vitamins B,C, D, is low in calories and has just 11 carbohydrates per serving.  It contains no caffeine, high fructose corn syrup or artificial flavors and colorings.

A few days ago, my friend Angela and I met up and she graciously provided me with a case of Twisted Water in the flavor of Berry Fusion.  No sooner than I walked into the door, both of my daughters were instantly clamoring for a sample of their own. 

Now if there was ever a real taste-test panel, than this is it!  Two girls ages 9 and 11, who won't hold back on their thoughts of what Twisted Water tastes like.  Both held the bottles, carefully inspecting  for the coolness factor before even opening them.

And the verdict?  They LOVED it!  While they both agreed that Berry Fusion tastes great, they also like the sports cap top.  The colorful bottle caught their eye and they liked the way it felt in their hands.  Easy to open and with a good grip.  Both said they were way cool and also excitedly asked if they could have them packed into their lunches for the following the day. 

I personally liked the idea that the water still looks like water and doesn't have a bright color from artificial dyes.  After tasting it, both girls wanted to know if it was a drink that could leave the kitchen (because anything staining can not - we have a white couch.  I know, CRAZY, right?!) but I felt that Twisted Water would be fine.

The only downside for me is to make sure that the girls remember to bolus for those 11 carbohydrates.  We solved that by setting a rule that if they were to drink one, they had to test their blood glucose, dose insulin and then only after that was done, drink.  So far, so good and no "oopsies" have been reported.

One last point is that Twisted Water is a Michigan-made product and company.  If you have read any of the national news or if you live in the area, you know how our economy is struggling.  Anytime that I can help a local company, I try to... and then, if I can help a company that supplies products made in America, I also try to do that too.  Maybe just one more great reason of why you want to give Twisted Water a try!  You can order it here on or if you are local in Michigan, here is a list of stores.

And if you do, please leave a comment either on here or on our Naturally Sweet Sisters Facebook Page to tell us what you thought of Twisted Water.

Just wanted to say that I was provided a free case of Twisted Water but I was not asked to endorse the product.  After I sampled it, I thought that it was great and wanted to share my own opinions and thoughts about Twisted Water.  And secretly, if those good people at Twisted Water would like to share some more, I am sure that I would have two happy girls ready to help drink it:)  Yes, it is THAT good! Thank you Twisted Water!

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