Friday, February 1, 2013

Calling All Campers for Type 1 Diabetes Camp Registration

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When I say that word, both of my daughters ears instantly perk up.  It has all of the magic of 'Parent Trap' contained within that one syllable.  They both LOVE the camp experience; from when they were just little five-year old tike's at day camp until recent years, where they stayed overnight with the so-called "big kids"!

I still love this version best.

Camp is everything that it should be.  Meaning, muddy, silly, song-singing, smore-making, deep conversations, cute boy finding, best friend seeing, flashlight animal teasing, FUN! 

And best of all, camp is for all kinds of kids; big and small.... this one being exclusively for kids living type 1 diabetes.

Yep.  Just for OUR KIDS!  (Thank you ADA and all of the hospital/Dr/CDE volunteers!)

Although my kids love this one just as much!
 Also, it is a little bit of a break from type 1 diabetes.  For us as parents and for our kids too.  We all need to re-charge our batteries and this one little week is the perfect way to make that happen.

Now, if that hasn't convinced you to get a little of that 'Parent Trap' enthusiasm, than maybe reading a few of my older posts on camp will.

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Good luck with your decision and please, feel free to facebook us at Naturally Sweet Sisters or leave a comment below with any questions on camp.  As five-year veterans, we can help you through a successful camp experience too!

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