Monday, April 9, 2012

Type 1 Diabetes Camp Reminder

American Diabetes Association logo

Just a friendly reminder that your child living with type 1 diabetes might be ready and willing to attend one of the country's wonderful camps.  Since now is the time to register your child, I thought I would provide a link to the ADA website.

From the ADA website,

At Camp, meet and learn from other kids and adult counselors with diabetes who:
  • Listen and understand first-hand what it’s like to live with diabetes.
  • Share their strategies for coping with diabetes management and learn about their day-to-day triumphs and challenges.
  • Inspire campers with their personal accomplishments at school, in sports and at work.
  • Help campers make new friends and develop their own lifelong support system.
Camp Closing Circle Photo
ADA Camp
Go here to find a camp near you. 

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