Thursday, April 12, 2012

Chicken, I Mean Children, Random Thoughts

Rotating Chicken - Waiting for a Site Change

I think my children inherited my weird sense of humor gene.  And I am pretty sure I can prove it with this story.

We visit one of our favorite delicatessens at least one time each week.  Almost always, my children walk over and stare at the hot, open pit of rotisserie chickens slowly rotating in circles. 

I have to admit, it is indeed mesmerizing.

To my surprise however, my youngest daughter said during a recent site change, "Are we rotating my sites so that they all get cooked?"

Since I didn't know exactly how to answer that, I just stared.

"Cuz I am feeling a little bit like those chickens."

And then, she started to giggle.

Which made me giggle and pretty soon we were rolling on the floor laughing. 

Because yes, we do have to make sure all of her sites are rotated and none are either "overcooked" or "undercooked".   Which maybe is a bit sad but with a little weird humor, is a whole lot better.

And if you tell this story to your own little chickens, be sure to get a taste test and blow lots of kisses and zerberts all over them.  It will make both of you feel better!

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