Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Little Changes = Big Kids

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It started a few months ago with my oldest daughter electing to eat a salad over having pizza.

While I was a little surprised, I wasn't shocked, the pizza didn't look entirely appetizing with greasy pepperoni and cheese as it's only garnishes.  Not to mention that she LOVES salad and will often request it as her main dinner choice.

A few weeks later, and ironically the same day as our endo appointment, my youngest daughter confided that she didn't take the morning birthday treat - a gooey chocolate cupcake.  She explained that it didn't really look good and besides, she didn't want to have to pee in a cup from a high blood sugar.

Listening to her story in the endo waiting room, my husband and I locked eyes but thought that maybe it was a wise decision and didn't say much more.  I wouldn't want to pee in a cup either!

And after those two big moments, there have been many more... from selectively choosing treats and desserts, to skipping a taste-test or actively refusing snacks in favor of eating more at dinner.

Which is all very interesting in a house that has fully been accepting of 'kids first, diabetes second'.  This limiting of sugary snacks, fatty foods or carb filled avoidance has been entirely of their own choosing.  We have always made a concerted effort to avoid tug o' war over what is good vs. what is bad.  Instead, we opted for the route of letting kids try new things and to see if they even liked it... mostly just hoping to give them the gift of culinary enthusiasm.

Without type 1 diabetes, I might not have even noticed it... but with, well as a parent who carefully watches to ensure carbs are correctly calculated AND bolused, I can't help but see what is happening.

I am not alarmed or worried. 

But I am pleasantly surprised (and a little inspired).   Eating well and choosing food selectively is never a bad thing.

Maybe this is another step of growing up.... 

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Scott K. Johnson said...

I think I need to take some lessons from your girls! :-)