Friday, February 8, 2013

Fresh Food Friday

I have to admit that I love shopping in new grocery stores.  I know, so incredibly weird, right?!  I can't help myself.  Something about finding new products and giving our meals a face lift is really fun.
So when I don't have a chance to shop at a new store, my second favorite thing to do is to find some new products to introduce to our family
Taking a cue from that idea, I thought that it might be fun to run a series on Fridays called Fresh Food.  Kind of a take from our old Friday Funnies.  You can expect to stop by each Friday to see what new and fun thing that we decided to showcase and maybe break up your meal planning a little bit.  Especially since it is February and temps are Falling, we need to Find some Fantastic Food.
That's a lot of 'fs".  Whoa.  I need to stop before I accidentally go too far! 
This week at our local Costco, for about $11.00, I discovered a new luncheon tray of Italian deli meats.  Even better, this selection was already prepared for my kids by being wrapped around a hunk of fresh mozzarella.  It is also finger sized and ready to be eaten.  Gulp and go, for kids!

Italian meats rolled around fresh mozzarella
The next two items are also great.  We often buy Laughing Cow cheese wedges but hadn't tried these soft cubes from Alouette.  Dare I say that we all think they might even be tastier?  Again, this item was at our local Costco store and was around $10.00.

From our local Meijer store, we snapped up a jar of Mt. Olive Kosher Baby Dills.  The difference in this item is that it is made with sea salt.  We all agreed that it kept the pickles tasting crunchier and fresher than our usual jar.  At only $2.99 on sale, it was a bargain!

Alouette cheese with herbs and Mt. Olive Kosher Baby Dills

All foods showcased are carbohydrate free.  I forgot to check the labels for gluten, so be careful if you are living with Celiac disease.  I will try to do that next time:)

All opinions are my own and no one compensated for saying anything nice about their foods or shopping locations.   

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