Thursday, January 31, 2013

Disney - Tips from A 9-Year Old

After writing my series on Disney and Diabetes, both our youngest and oldest daughter were inspired to write up their own version of tips at the parks.  For your viewing pleasure and because ultimately, nothing makes me happier to see my kids using their 'school skills', here is our youngest daughter's tidbits for Walt Disney World.  Hope you enjoy!

Roller coasters: When you are at Magic Kingdom you should always visit the rides first because the roller coasters gets busy fast. I would recommend Splash Mountain if you can handle it. The drop is really fun but still really scary. Splash Mountain is located in Frontier Land. If you are one of those old people or young toddlers you should stick to a small ride such as the Great Goofini. It is a short but fun ride. Also get fast passes to go on the rides faster. They help if you are getting hot or getting bored in line.

Pin trading:  Pin trading is very fun for anyone who wants to do it. You can go online and get Disney pins to trade with at the parks. You can put the pins on anything. I used a lanyard for them. All the Magic Kingdom Cast Members are willing trade with you (but be nice). Look for Hidden Mickeys on all of your pins

Eating: For the old men,  you should go to the food  places at Magic Kingdom and eat your way back to the ladies that are shopping for cute things. If you are really hungry go to Epcot they have really good food. Magic Kingdom has a couple good restaurants, like Pecos Bill. It is located in Frontier land.

 Shopping:  Your kids are probably begging to go shopping or maybe you are too but now when you take a step into Magic Kingdom you can really feel the magic. When you are here you may go shopping at Castle Couture.  It is a very cute store here in Magic Kingdom.  It will put the sparkle on you.

Having fun: Where ever you go and where ever you are you should always have some fun. Remember to do most of these steps and to always have some fun.  

By Youngest Daughter - Age 9

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