Saturday, January 5, 2013

Back To School - After Break

It's getting close to back to school time for us.  My two Naturally Sweet Sisters head back to school in just a few days after their very long holiday break.

By knowing that time for returning to school is near, this is a wonderful opportunity to refresh your emergency supply boxes in the classroom and at home.

Things to consider replenishing might include:

Juice Boxes
Glucose Tabs
Shelf Stable Chocolate Milk
Fast Acting candy such as Smarties (USA brand) or Rockets (Canadian Brand)
Fruit Snacks
Carb Free Treats like Beef Jerky or water bottles

This is also a good time to perform an inventory on testing supplies at school, such as:

Meter Batteries
Alcohol Swabs
Extra Insulin - check expiration dates
Infusion Set Change(s)

Finally, before sending the kids back, take a few moments to review what is coming up on the schedule. 

For example, my oldest daughter has Physical Education class for only half of the school year, with the last two weeks of her session devoted to swimming.  Swimming requires special planning to help situations such as adhesive loosening and infusion/CGM sites falling off. 

Not to mention that when PE is completely finished, insulin needs will need to be adjusted to account for less activity.  We won't be shocked when blood sugar levels start to creep and instead, will be able to understand the WHY it is happening which is half the battle and maybe even be able to make adjustments proactively which is the other half of the battle in type 1diabetes care.

Planning ahead, replenishing the care boxes at school and reviewing the schedule helps us all stay organized.  I hope it helps your family too!

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