Sunday, January 20, 2013

Guest Post - T1D Mom Shares Her Story 2 Years Post Dx

On another blog that I co-moderate on for parents of children with diabetes, a fellow mom and friend, Tracy, posted an update on her family's life.  Reaching a new 2 year milestone, she shared how her family is now thriving and how they view type 1 diabetes today.  I was so moved by the story, that I asked for her permission to post it here on Naturally Sweet Sisters.  She graciously agreed and so, without further ado, here is her update in her own words.

Wow! I can hardly believe that it has been 2 years since our life changing diagnosis & hospital stay the week of Christmas.  So much has changed since then. 

Both of our boys are silly, crazy, and growing way too fast.  I am so proud of how both of them have done with all this D business.  Ollie is getting so good at communicating to us how he is feeling low/high and what a difference that makes vs. always guessing what was going on in the beginning when he was only 17 mo.  and brings me peace of mind being in another part of the house now as he comes yelling "MY PUMP BEEEEEEPIN!" when the CGM alerts.  While Cooper is very patient, kind, and caring beyond the ripe old age of 6. 

This month in the car as Oliver's pump was low alerting.  Cooper said, "Sometimes I wish Ollie didn't have diabetes."  (I was calmly freaking out wondering where this conversation was headed) Oliver said innocently, "Why Coopa?"  Cooper looked surprised, paused and said, " never mind."  At the time I was thankful the conversation ended there.  When Cooper and I were alone later I asked him about his feelings and why he said never mind.  He said he thought that Ollie didn't understand when he said that and he didn't want to make him sad.  We talked about how Ollie doesn't know anything different.  I told him that he is so lucky to have an amazing brother like you Coop who loves him so much.  Cooper said, "I'm the lucky one having Ollie for a brother."  Cooper just inspires me. 

We had planned to celebrate this anniversary donating some toys to our Children's Hospital.  I was surprised and over joyed when my neighbors wanted to ride with and brought bags full of toys as well! It was so fun! I thought after that we were done... well...

For a few years now every December I have written a letter about someone in our community that could use some extra help or cheer to a local radio station's Christmas Wish. This year, for the first time, I wrote a wish for our kid and for supplies to continue making pump packs to donate all year around (as at times my sanity seems to come from you ladies on here and my local D mom's who have taught me to sew).  My heart pounded as I received a surprise phone call from a local radio D.J. telling us our Christmas "wish" was granted.  Oliver was even on the radio!  It was more than I could have imagined.  We spent the actual anniversary date at the station, meeting the D.J.'s, taking some pics and the kids got to "play" with the mic! 

And soon we will be back to making packs to donate but with a bigger goal this year as I learned that our endo team there has about 100 newly diagnosed kiddo's per year, working with 800 total.
It was a wonderful way to spend this season. 

Still there are moments when it hits you again, but much more fun with lots of happy tears this time around!

Thank you Tracy for allowing Naturally Sweet Sisters to be a part of your diaversary story.  I think I speak for everyone when I say how moving and touching the glimpse into your home is.  You are inspirational!  Thanks for helping so many families start off in the right direction and also, for reminding of us all of the good that come from a very difficult situation.

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