Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!


Happy New Year!

Before we go forward into 2013, I thought you might like one last look at our Naturally Sweet Sister's year of 2012.  I like to think of these as our greatest hits....

Hope you enjoy!

Our 2012 Walk Video

Our silliest cartoon of the year.


Our sweetest blog bite on two sisters' love for each other. Click here.

Our saddest blog bite of mom fighting off bitterness.  Click here.

Our proudest moment blog bite of helping to step closer to a CURE!  Click here.

Our realization that we are now parenting older kids and not a newly dx toddler.  Click here.

Our frank and open discussion about battling Hashimotos.  Click here.

Naturally Sweet Sister's mission is to have kids first, diabetes second while continuing our family journey to health, happiness and successful type 1 diabetes management.

And that is it! Feel free to leave us a comment on your favorite post or what you hope to see more of in 2013.

Thank you for your generous donations to JDRF and the ADA on behalf of Naturally Sweet Sisters in 2012. We hope we can count on your support in 2013 as well.


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