Thursday, January 24, 2013



13 degrees on Monday.

1 degree on Tuesday.

9 degrees on Wednesday.

Yes.  It is cold.  Really cold.  The kind of cold that makes me want to stay indoors all day long and dream of tropical escapes.  Walt Disney World, anyone?

Really though, even though this is cold, it is really just cold in my perspective.  I had a friend remark on Face book of how the temperature were plummeting to -30 degrees. 

Did I read that right?  -30 degrees? 

Yes, that really IS cold.

So in thinking about the frigid weather, I am also thinking about how great it has been for blood sugars.  Other than MY mishaps with a bent cannula and Tuesday's unfortunate missed bolus (which I didn't blog about but am telling you about now), the girl's blood sugars have been really good.

Which brings me to a couple of theorized points on why this happens.

  • Possibly better numbers from reduced activity blood sugar swings because like me, my girls just want to hibernate and stay in bed all day too.
  • Maybe our insulin, Apidra, is staying more potent for a longer period of time due to being constantly "chilled" and allowing less natural decomposition to it's delicate composition.
  • Or how about this theory that our bodies are working harder and thereby burning more calories/carbohydrates faster to keep us warm all of the time?

Whatever it is, despite the cold temperatures, I like it and my little ladies like it too.  You know how you can tell when diabetes is impacting them the least?  When giggles reverberate through the entire house.  Now, that is a GREAT sound!

And I especially like this little heater under my desk designed to keep my toesies a little warmer too!

Sending heated greetings to you all too.

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