Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Life And All It's Yuck

A Naturally  Not-So-Sweet Sisters Weekend BOTTOM Ten List

1.)  A tree landed on our house - and stayed there- on Sunday night at 2:00 a.m., after a freak windstorm. 

2.)  The stupid traveling tree will be costing us thousands of dollars in repairs.

3.)  I have decided that I hate trees now.  Especially, the deceivingly beautiful tall pines that surround my home.  I think they are all plotting to crash.

4.)  My husband won't let me cut them all down.  Something about a "one in a million" odds of it happening again.  I think the tree has been talking to him.

5.)  To make the weekend better, I took the girls to a local pool and forgot not only towels but extra type 1 diabetes supplies.

6.)  After swimming, both girls needed site changes and I had to use older emergency supplies from our car.

7.)  My girls had some tears over the owie site changes that had to happen in the back seat on quite possibly the coldest day of the year.

8.)  Youngest daughter soared to 347 mg/dl blood glucose before we were able to get a second site change completed.  When we did, because she was high, she cried doubly hard and told me that she hates type 1 diabetes.  I told her me too and added "and trees!" for good measure.

9.)  On removing the site, we found a bent cannula.  I think it was also in cahoots with the trees.

10.)  After all of that, it snowed.  I hate snow too.

The End.

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Scott K. Johnson said...

Oh man! What a ride! I'm sorry.