Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Disney and Diabetes Part 5 – Secret Places at Magic Kingdom To Test Your Blood Sugar

This is one blog post of a multi- part series on Disney and Diabetes- Yes, You Can!!!

Sometimes, inspite of being at the most magical place on earth, you need to take a break.  Maybe you want to cool off and calm down or maybe you need to slip in some desperately needed glucose.  Whatever the reason, when those moments happen for low or high blood sugars, it is nice to know where to go ahead of time. 
Disney and Diabetes Tip:  Grab those pre-printed maps that I told you about in our earlier posts and highlight them in Terror Level Red aka hot pink.
Speaking parent to parent, this makes our stress levels stay out of Terror Level Red aka hot pink  and allows us to think calmly and rationally about what needs to happen to bring blood sugars back into alignment.
Secretly, I wish I would have had this type of information when our youngest was  three years-old and newly diagnosed.  By understanding that, I am sharing it all with you! 

Magic Kingdom Entrance
Place #1:  Front Entrance of Town Square Theater – There are several large rocking chairs that face the town square.  It is shady and great for viewing parade traffic.  Also, if you are here, grab a fast pass to see the Princesses or Mickey and Minnie.
Place #2:  Casey’s Corner – at the end of Main Street before you get to the castle is a hideaway restaurant.  Tables in back are near televisions which are playing old-fashioned Disney cartoons, helping to keep the gawkers at bay. 
Disney and Diabetes Tip:  If you are going to use the rides in Magic Kingdom (or anywhere at Walt Disney World) to test blood sugars, be sure to bring along wet wipes to wash your hands before testing blood sugar.  You won’t have access to wash rooms or sinks and any sticky residue can alter blood glucose readings.  I know this is obvious, but it has happened to us and many others, I am sure.

Place #3:  The CountryBear Jamboree.  Now, don’t go in for the show because it is terrible.  But it is dark, cool and calm.  This show lasts (painfully) for a long while… perfect to raise blood sugars.
Place #4:  Pirates of the Caribbean – This is another dark and cool ride.  The line can be long, but there are two paths to choose from and many areas to rest along the way. 
Place #5:  The Enchanted Tiki Room – Another gaudy but fun show designed to help you rest in a cool environment.  A bonus is that people often do not bother going to see this one.  There are always shows and seats.

Disney and Diabetes Tip:  Carry a water bottle with a secure lid at all times.  Kids become easily dehydrated in the hot, Florida sun and dehydration can cause ketones to appear quickly.  Our rule of thumb is that every time we sit down, we make sure the kids are drinking their water.  Cast members do not make you leave behind water bottles as long as the lid is secure and you can tuck it into a bag or backpack while on the ride.

Liberty Square
Place #6:  The Hall of Presidents.  This might be the number one place to go in the event that you need a time out to manage blood sugars.  Walk in, sit down, listen to the opening act and then, head into a dark theater to hear the presidents speak.  Air conditioned, long and easy to get into.

Disney and Diabetes Tip:  Avoid the Liberty Square Riverboat when you need a break during peak seasons– hot (probably the hottest place in Magic Kingdom) and crowded with no escape until it ends.   During the off season, the opposite problem occurs and this becomes one of the coldest attractions at the park.

Fantasty Land
Place #7  It’s a Small World –  A classic ride that lasts about 10 minutes.  Sitting in boats, you will have ample opportunity to check blood sugar, sit some hydrating water and relax.
Place #8 Mickey’s Phiharmonic – Sit in the middle of the show and you will receive a cooling spray from the 3-D effects.  Sometimes, that is all you need to feel refreshed and calm.
Place #9 The Splash and Soak Station – When the girls were younger, this gave us a chance to stop and catch our breath.  After checking blood sugars, we stripped the girls down to shorts and let them run around in the sprinklers.  They cooled off and we relaxed.

Tomorrow Land
Place #10 The Carousel of Change – This might be our family’s second favorite place to head to when we need a break and are waiting for blood sugars to catch up with us.  We love the long ride through the history of invention and being seated in semi-darkness which allows for perfect light to see what snacks we have left and what we want to do when we are done. 

If you have any favorite blood sugar testing places and want to share it, please feel free to leave a comment below! We love hearing new ideas from other families!

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Sheri said...

Thank you for this detailed list. My husband has Type 2 Diabetes and we've been to Disney multiple times since his dx. Next week will be our first trip that we will be hauling insulin, test strips, etc., with us, however (he's always used pills to manange his Diabetes), so this is a whole new experience for us.