Thursday, January 3, 2013

Unanswered Questions

Youngest Daughter:  Mom, what does it feel like to have a pancreas?

Me:  What do you mean?  It feels the same way it does for me as it does for you.

Youngest Daughter:  C'mon Mom.  You KNOW what I mean. 

Me:  Well, what I mean is that my pancreas feels like your pancreas.  In fact, I don't really feel anything at all.  It just does what it is supposed to do.

Youngest Daughter:  I wish mine felt like that.  I wish mine just did what it was supposed to do.

Me:  Yes, me too.  I wish I could trade yours for mine.

Youngest Daughter:  Ok!  Let's make a wish for a trade.  Wait.  No.  That's OK.  I am already good at handling mine.  I think I should keep it.

Me:  You are AMAZING!  Do you know that?

Youngest Daughter:  Yeah, I am pretty great! 


NikDuck said...

Ughh...such tough conversations we have to have with our kids! What a sweetie that she will keep hers though!

Naturally Sweet Sisters said...

I know... and the kicker is that I really would trade with her or her sis if I could. I would trade in a heartbeat.

laura said...

major heartstrings tuggage! *sniff*

Scott K. Johnson said...

What a brave little sweetheart.