Monday, January 30, 2012

Love Bites (or When Sisters Talk)

On the way to school this morning, my youngest daughter was chatty and excited to tell me how much fun she had over the weekend with her big sister.

"I wish we were sisters.  I mean, sisters that are one year apart.  No.  I mean twins.  Yes, I wish we were twins." 

And then, I could be with her all of the time."

To which I replied, "I love that you love your sister so much."

A long pause and then, she said, "When you are gone, I will take care of her and check her blood sugar and she will check mine.  Because I think we are twins in our pancreas.  We are diabetes twins."


laura said...

You know how out of nowhere it just smacks you? Tears over here! I have diabetes twins too. Sweetest, sweetest, precious girls!

Naturally Sweet Sisters said...

Yep! Sometimes those little moments are the ones most telling. Diabetes twins:) You are right! The sweetest most precious of sisters. xxoo