Monday, January 16, 2012

Love Is In The Air! (What Is Your Passion?)

As much as I write about type 1 diabetes, you would think that was all I lived and breathed.  And for much of my daily life, it is.  However, there is this little part of me that needs to escape and seek out relaxation.  Just as recognize the need for rest and relaxation in my own little girls -- believe me, they need a break from type 1 diabetes too  -- I would be foolish to ignore my own health and happiness. 

Kind along the lines of...

What makes me relax most are my hobbies.  To me, there is nothing more fun (well, of course spending time with my family is always at the top of the list) than decorating, thrifting and making craft projects for our home and for our two little girls.  I love simple and quick projects that take very little in terms of resources such as time, money or thought. 

Recently, after subscribing to Pinterest, I discovered a group of like minded people who also adore the idea of creating something out of nothing.  Along with other families living with type 1 diabetes, these are my kind of people.  The kind that dream up amazingly fresh and new ideas.  I am very inspired by the beautiful pictures and clever ideas contained on the website.  After day-dreaming of what I could/can do, I instantly felt more relaxed and less troubled.   

And because I am me, I had to make up a type 1 diabetes board of things that the Naturally Sweet Sisters love. 

Which kind of goes along with this thought...

"You can take the girl out of the diabetes but you can't take the diabetes out of the girl"

Having a hobby allows me to let go of the diabetes monster (albeit for a short while) and reinvigorate that passion that makes me tick.  My identity needs to be more than just Artificial Pancreas CEO, otherwise I suspect I would fail miserably at that most important of important jobs.

What is your passion and do you take the time to nurture YOU?

Any by the way, did you know a Dum-Dum pop is just a mere 6 carbs? 

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