Saturday, June 30, 2012

Camp Week (Reflecting on Time Away)

Camp week is over.

My girls are back at home; safe and sound.

Each feeling a whole lot tired and thrilled.  They did it!

In short, blood sugars behaved with one high and an emergency site change, trace ketones and lots of water.  One daughter had a 48 bg after a very large lunch but bounced back after a box of juice and couple of tabs.  Beyond that, BGs remained constant in the 100s and low 200s throughout the entire week for both.  Pretty amazing given that the weather was about 200 degrees and the kids were busy bees all day long.

The ride home was suprisingly loud, full of giggles and stories of camp.  Both youngest and oldest daughter had tall tales to tell, including a story of falling into the lake while fishing, in front of a cute boy.  In her words, "It was totally embarassing!"

Really?  Cute boys already?

Even though she was too shy to explain it, our oldest daughter also was the recipient of the Kind Award.  Upon pick-up, her counselor had tears in her eyes and said that she was only one of four Trailblazers to receive an award, which was picked by the entire staff.  This news promptly made my husband and I cry because we are so incredibly proud of her too.  She really is a nice girl and I am so unbelievably happy that her kindness follows her... even when no one (like two parents) is around.

Youngest daughter proudly displayed the battle wound from a freshly removed leg infusion set and said that against her instinct, she even tried a dreaded tomato.... and liked it.  The interesting part of the story is that in order to perform leg site, she went with her medstaff to seek out oldest daughter to hold her sister's hand during insertion.  Later that day, they went through the cafeteria line and our youngest daughter, so determined to be just like her big sister, decided that if one was getting a tomato, then so would she. 

Again, after learning that story, both my husband and I started to cry. 

Yes, both daughters are very content and pleased with themselves. 

And us?

Despite the fact that we are apparently big cry-babies, I am so happy that my girls went to camp and had the chance to have these experiences.

It really isn't about the type 1 diabetes, but more about the chance to grow, challenge themselves and to bond with not only each other, but also all of the friends that they meet along the way.  These experiences will shape their future and also, will teach the idea that anything is possible if you just try.

Yes, anything is possible if you just try.   So tonight, I will be seizing the moment and serving tomatos.  Wish me luck that the magic of camp is still upon us!   Thank you Camp Midicha and the ADA! 


NikDuck said...

Well I am a big cry baby too, because this post made me tear up too! The kindness award, trying a tomato because her sister did, sisters holding hands through a site it all! Blood sugars even behaved and I would have to say it sounds like the most worrisome thing about camp was her comment about a "cute boy"...yikes!

Naturally Sweet Sisters said...

So true! Cute boys ARE worrisome. Aaack! Makes me want to slow down time. Although, in thinking that the cute boy was also living withd T1D, oddly sort of warmed my heart a little. I am sure he was naturally sweet too!!!

Jenna said...

What camp did they go to? And for how long? My friend told me that some of them start registering in JANUARY and I thought I better at least start figuring it out now...

Naturally Sweet Sisters said...

Hi Jenna! My kids go to an ADA camp.

The link looks like it has not been updated for 2013 but yes, registration can start after the first of the year (most are around March). I would recommend checking out your camp via a free Camp Open House. Bring your kids and see how they feel about it. Most kids are nervous but once they start seeing all of the fun, they end up jumping right in. Hugs and good luck!!!