Sunday, July 1, 2012

Peer Pressure (Or Seeing is Believing that Anything Is Possible)

Sometimes, seeing is believing that anything is possible.

During camp week, youngest daughter braved a "first" and asked to have an infusion set placed into her leg.  Her only wish was that while it happened, oldest daughter be there to hold her hand an offer encouragement.

Which they did.

While holding her sisters hand, oldest daughter watched her sister show great bravery and at that exact moment, decided that she too, wanted to try a leg site.

The only problem was that she wasn't in need of a site change.

Oh, the irony of type 1 diabetes.

Finally yesterday morning, both girls needed infusion set changes and both decided to do legs.

Bravely they sat down, criss-cross, apple-sauce style and waiting impatiently for their pokes (Inset 30s with Animas Ping).

Each sister shouting out words of encouragement.

"Hurry up, Mom! She is ready and she needs you to GO FAST!" 

"You can do it!  Just think happy things" 

"Remember when I spit out my milk?  That was so funny!"

"See, it didn't hurt, did it?"

This is the kind of peer pressure that makes having two sisters living with diabetes a little bit easier.  They have each other to lean on and to encourage and to hold hands when the going gets a little bit rough.

And maybe by showing the world this, we are also showing that anything is possible and offering everyone a little bit of that sister encouragement to try something new in the world of type 1 diabetes.

Seeing IS believing.

Anything is possible. 

Even getting a cat to hold still long enough to have his picture taken too.

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