Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Those Sisters with Diabetes

A friend of mine introduced me to another mom at the elementary school.  Although we travel within the same circles, our paths had not directly crossed before, so this was our first direct meeting.  We smiled, shook hands and politely chatted about our children.

Then she said, "Oh, yes.  You are the mother to 'those sisters with diabetes'."

What? At six years in post diagnosis, I didn't really think about our family in that manner. 

Maybe those cute girls or maybe those sisters that race their bikes up and down the street ten times a day.  But as 'those sisters with diabetes'?

It seems so... limiting.

But I have to wonder, is this how the world narrowly views us?

And how do we inadvertently view the world?  Am I also to blame for this?

Maybe it is time for a paradigm shift.

How do I help make that happen?

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