Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Welcome 1980! (or Really? Is That What You Think?)

I thought I have heard all of the comments.

It was nothing short of a surprise when I heard this new one.

Tell me, does this...

Look like this?

And why would anyone think that my two girls would be wearing one?

After explaining in a direct, calm and clear voice that these were indeed insulin pumps, the second comment was this:

How does one answer that question in front of their children?

With a smile and not a single word more. 

As the girls and I walked away, I gave them each a hug and whispered, "That lady was crazy!  I hope she has the good kind of crazy!"

To which my youngest daughter innocently said, "I think she meant a cell phone.  She really does have a kind of crazy, but I don't even know what kind!"

Which made the lingering question fade and the three of us belly laugh.

Because really, how do you answer that question in front of your children when you know the answer is there is no good kind?

You just don't. 

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