Friday, July 6, 2012

Friday Funnies: 7/6

Some t-shirt humor today.  Makes me want to run out and have a few of these printed but instead, I will settle for my morning coffee and a good laugh.  At an average 101 degrees around here, it is still way too hot to do any running!

Smart rules.  Enough said.

My girls are NEVER allowed to use this line!

With the expensive of DADs, this one seems appropriate

Hee hee!  I wish to wear this one somewhere inappropriately.  The airport, maybe?

And who wouldn't want to bring this guy to a party?  He obviously is cool!

And this one is a favorite that we actually saw in real-life in Florida.  Oldest daughter laughed so loudly that other people in the store actually came over to read the shirt too!

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