Monday, July 23, 2012

Taking Time Off - Making Memories

Have you ever had the experience where suddenly, after glancing at the calendar, you realize that it is already mid-summer?

At the same moment, it also occurs to you that you have almost nothing to show for it?

Yes, those lazy, warm (or 100+ degrees hot) days were wonderful and yes, you did manage to hit a goal of relaxing and slowing life down.

Except you also want something, some sort of tangible memory, to cling to when those cold months inevitably hit.

That's what we did. 

We made some memories.  And in the next few weeks, we hope to make a few more.  Hopefully, I can keep up with Naturally Sweet Sisters, but if there are a few quiet days, then just know that we are out doing what we do best....

Kids first, diabetes second.

PS.... A diabetes behind the scenes moment:  After spending two hours in the Titantic Experience, both girls had a lower blood glucose numbers (79 and 83) and needed to eat right away.  This is where we thanked the architects of the museum for supplying an indoor cafe right at the exit of the exhibit.  No searching or waiting to find food.  Sure we could have given the girls those dreaded 'tabs' but eating a hot dog in the Oscar Meyer Weiner Mobile Cafe was a whole lot more fun!

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