Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Perfect Sport - Part 2

Aren't all of the juniors bags so darn cute? 

Within the world of type 1 diabetes, blood sugars and sports can be challenging.  That swing of the pendulum from high to low in a blink.  There never seems to be enough time to take a break, test bgs, correct with food or insulin, wait, and then start playing again.

Well, until we discovered the world's most perfect sport...


I wrote a bit about it here in anticipation of the girl's starting their lessons.

But after experiencing our first day on the course, I am now absolutely convinced that this guy

Scott Verplank, PGA Professional and living with type 1 diabetes

figured out something brilliant.

Both girls have played twice since summer vacation started.  Both times, their blood sugars fell at perfect low 100s. 

Nothing high and nothing low.

Oldest daughter, WPGA Hopeful and living with type 1 diabetes

Recovery was a breeze.  Nothing like soccer spikes and drops.  Or swimming fatigue.  Or even bicycling lows out of no where.

Instead, golf seemed to live up to it's gentlemen status and completely played by the rules.

Youngest daughter, Not going to be left behind in golf, and living with with type 1 diabetes

Golf really is the perfect sport!

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