Monday, June 11, 2012

Camping (or Feeling Old)

Remember when you were younger and listened to "old" (and by old, I mean people who were your parents and were most likely in their late 30s and 40s), discussing the starting of aches and pains in their bodies?

I always thought that was sad.  As a kid, I had a hard time imagining anything hurting.  If you fell, you just dusted off your Calvin Kleins (cuz that is how old I am) and moved on. 

Listening to the old folks left a lasting impression on me.  The impression was, to grow old but to do it without aches, well actually, do it without belly aching.

Well, I am now old. 

And things hurt.  Sometimes more than I even care to admit.  Which makes me belly ache.... just a little.

Why this change of heart you might ask?

Well, because spending a wonderful night with my two girls in one of these.

And without an air mattress.

And missing an adult sleeping bag.

And sleeping terribly because I was so fearful of missing the middle of the night check.

And seeing one of these.

Or being eaten by one of these.

And losing control of all of our diabetes supplies in the middle of the night because kids just do not pick up (or put away).


Which means that I am getting cranky and old.  Just like one of those old people that I used to listen to.

And look at these faces... do you think they ever had a bad day in their lives?  Nope, not a bit!  What in the world was I ever thinking?

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