Monday, September 17, 2012

Rock Star Status For A Day (or Then What?)

Now that the t.v. cameras have come and gone and our friends and family are slowly quieting down on the initial excitement of seeing someone they know on television;

We are still here...

Two sisters living with type 1 diabetes.

I don't remark on this for pity because pretty much, anyone reading our blog will have some affiliation with type 1 diabetes.

You guys already get it.

You understand the desperate need to find a cure.

I say this because advocating for change is not just one single moment on television.  It is the ability to persevere and continue on that mission for as long as it takes -  even after the t.v. spot aired, the walks have happened and our children are safely settled into school.

There are so many positive things to continue to do to raise awareness and some take little to almost zero effort...

If you haven't already done so, think about adding one of these six fun things into your list of helping bring awareness to type 1 diabetes

1.)  Apply to the 2013 JDRF Children's Congress or write a letter to your own congressional leader to let them know of the impact that type 1 diabetes has on your life and how you would love to see funding for research and ultimately, a cure!

2.)  Become a new family JDRF Mentor.

3.)  Sign up to help with the 2013 JDRF walk to cure type 1 diabetes.

4.)  Join a JDRF Coffee Group or start one in your area.

5.)  Start planning on sending your child to ADA or Lions or any other local diabetes camp in your area.  Believe it or not, early registration happens soon.  Our town starts accepting applications in December.

6.)  If you see a child or an adult living with type 1 diabetes, give them a hug and remind them that they are brave, beautiful and amazing!

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