Thursday, April 10, 2014

Throwback Thursday With A Hefty Dose of Foreshadowing.

I remember snapping this picture back in 2008.  They had spent the summer playing various forms of 'doctoring', with a heavy emphasis on Endocrinology.

It was the summer of borrowing plastic gloves and paper masks from the doctor's office and making complicated looking paper charts for the girls to customize with their stuffed animals vital signs.

During that summer, they decided that they both needed to be doctors (definitely not a nurse or a vet) and I remember trying frantically to find another medical costume when Halloween was too far away to be helpful.

It was a fun summer and as a result, the next door neighbor little girl even made up her own version of a cardboard insulin pump - just so she could be part of the t1d scene with youngest daughter.

But above all, what I remember most was oldest daughter being diagnosed later that year.

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