Saturday, May 10, 2014

Happy Mother's Day - Love From the 2014 JDRF Today and Tomorrow Conference

Today was a diabetes day.

It was also a day where I am reminded of how lucky I am to be on this earth with two adorable girls in my life.  I love that our life that is blended with laughter, silliness and some t1d tucked in here and there.  It is perfect in a most imperfect kind of way.

Which on the eve of a Mother's Day, makes a diabetes day, a most perfect, imperfect kind of a day.

At today's JDRF Conference, I was given a gift in meeting a new mom and her newly diagnosed teen, both of whom by the end of the conference seemed stronger and more brave; ready to tackle the ins and outs of 'their' diagnosis.  Nothing is more inspiring than seeing that happen before your eyes.  One minute we are talking about their diagnosis story and shortly after, witness her daughter smiling and saying that she thought  Teen Central "was so much fun!".

I also met a few people, who in the kindest of ways, opened their lives to inquiring young people, giving them both the optimism that they can do anything but with the reality that health is always a priority.  Thank you to Kris Freeman, Nicole Johnson and Kerri Sparling for brightening the worlds of so many today.  The words will resonate long after you have departed and will continue to inspire all that listened.

There were many experts of our world, from t1d doctors, nurses, specialists and most especially, the people living with t1d, all whom provided positivity and unity to a community that while small, is huge in heart.  Stories were shared, tissues were passed but above all, a diabetes community grew stronger today.

Perhaps, the greatest gift of all from the JDRF Conference was HOPE.  Not just today, but for tomorrow too.  I always try to write this so that it stands out because we need to be reminded that it exists and that it is alive.  HOPE keeps us connected and strong in a way that 3,650 annual blood sugar checks can not destroy in their monotony.

And not just with t1d.  HOPE  for the way that we are raising our girls and blending their world with t1d as well as life.

I am so grateful to see that they seamlessly find their footing in chronic illness by reaching out to the community that surrounds them with a hand outstretched.

The conference seems to shout,  We are here to help you!".  

I was able to snap this photo while hanging around JDRF Teen Central.

What is most fantastic, is that she willing went with me into the booth to do so.

Not to be outdone, this other superhero, allowed me to take her picture and said to tweet it out for the world to see, because in her words, "People need to see what a real superhero looks like."

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In so many ways, seeing how far we have come in our land of Type 1 Diabetes, makes this Mother's Day Eve extra sweet.

To all of the other moms, mommies, aunts, cousins, mothers, grandmothers, nannas, grandmas and motherly friends out there, may you be blessed with HOPE, super hero kids and teens that are still not too cool to be seen with you!


For more pictures, check out our twitter feed at #JDRFconf

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