Saturday, June 28, 2014

Medtronic 530G: Tell Me What You Know

The time is here.

Oldest daughter is ready for pump #2.

After much debate, she has requested information on learning more about the Medtronic 530G.

She spent time at camp with a few other teens that were using it and walked away with a bit of interest in the automatic pump suspension for lows.  She also liked the idea of being able to load 300 units into her pump catridge and not fear running out of insulin.  Crazy, isn't it?  But that is what puberty does.

On her behalf, I offered to ask our Naturally Sweet Sister friends and find out what your thoughts were, especially as it pertains to a 13-year old.

So ideas, thoughts, concerns, whatever you know, please leave a message and tell us.  Like the best of all quizzes, there is no wrong answer.

And many thanks from us!!!


Unknown said...

I actually happen to have a medtronic! My best friend/sister has the 530g. I love both really! I love love love the thresh suspend on the 530g! The enlite sensors are amazing and are so much less painful with insertion then the past sensors. I like that the pump has a built in cgm so no need to carry a second device. The thresh suspend really does give you a peace of mind knowing that if she were to go low fast in the middle of the night, the pump would suspend insulin for 2 hours if not taken care of (like if she were to sleep through the alarming). Another thing I love about medtronics pump is that if insulin delivery were to stop for whatever reason and it alarms and she doesn't fix it, like clear the alarm, it will start sirening until you stop it. It's saved me a few times when my site went bad. Now, some people hate the 530g. I've heard of people having inaccurate readings all the time from the cgm but the experience is different for everyone! I've been on the cozmo, omnipod, did a trial on the animas, now I'm on the medtronic. Oh and medtronic has skins for the pump so you can put anything you want on it! I know it has nothing to do with how it works, just fun to be able to do that! ��

Science Horse said...

I'd have to agree! The 530g is our 3rd Medtronic pump and my 14-year has no complaints. Sometimes the glizty t-slim looks appealing, but I like the fact that the Medtronic pumps seem to be able to take some abuse - at least, keep up with an active kid. It works great, is so dependable and the Enlite sensor .... HEADS AND SHOULDERS above the last sensor we had. The accuracy is great, the ease of use is fabulous and it's so much more comfortable. No more lidocaine for an hour to numb the insertion area. I think that Medtronic really listens to their customers and improves their technology accordingly.

Kelly said...

I've nannied for several families with T1D kids, so I've used a lot of different d-technology. Personally, I FAR prefer the ease of use with Medtronic pumps over Animas (menus are much more intuitive, so many fewer steps overall, no annoying re-priming necessary, etc...) That being said, I would never trade in a Dex for a Medtronic sensor. I've seen the new enlite sensors and while they are more accurate than the old sensors, I still don't put it on par with the consistency of Dexcom. Just my two cents though!

Naturally Sweet Sisters said...

Ambermarie, SH, and Kelly, Thank you for the wonderful feedback. All good to know and while it is still not a CURE, it will be another good tool in the so-called tool box of t1d fighters! I may come back and ask you questions as time goes on too. One thought that I did have was determining the equivilent to the Inset 30. What is it in Medtronic world? :)

Unknown said...

The equivalent would be the mio's

Need A Nap2 said...

If you do go with the 530G then this post might be helpful. She's switched between Medtronic and t:slim so her site can be confusing about what she's using right now. But I'd never heard of this before reading this post (my daughter has never used a CGM).

Anonymous said...

the angled medtronic site is called the silouette