Thursday, August 7, 2014

Walking For A Cure

We recently completed our annual JDRF Walk To Cure Diabetes.

As is in most towns, our walk is being realigned with the JDRF vision of  'One Walk', which helps to explain the community involvement of not only persons living with type 1, but all of the family and friends that come out to support the vision of making type 1 into type none.

From the JDRF website:  Each year, JDRF One Walk™ (formerly JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes) brings together more than 900,000 people to change the future of type 1 diabetes (T1D). Many of these people have T1D themselves, and many more are friends, family, or coworkers of someone challenged by this disease. But no matter what their connection is, they walk because they believe in a world where T1D no longer exists — a world where Type One has become Type None.

This year, instead of walking at regular location, we chose to head back to our beloved Alma Mater at Michigan State University.

You know that feeling you get when you go home?  Well, that was the feeling that we had upon arriving on campus.  My husband and I met, fell in love, graduated and even got married a year later at the campus chapel.

The girls have been to more MSU events than I can count as we have been sending them subliminal messages about the importance of choosing MSU for their own college education.  I kid, of course.

Well, sort of.  It would be super cool to relive our glory days.  I kid again.  Sort of.  ;)

No matter, by all regards, the walk did feel like homecoming, but even better, as we were surrounded by our t1d pals.

Which is important to remember.  We walk to support JDRF and ultimately, a cure for type 1 diabetes.  We also walk to show support for our daughters and for all of the friends that we have met along this journey.

Yes, I want a cure for my two, but I also really want a cure for our friends and most especially, the future generations that are yet to come.

It's time.

Let's turn type 1 into type none.

If you would like to join in a walk near your location, click HERE and simply scroll to the bottom of the page to enter your zip code to find a walk event close to your 'home'.  And as always, thank you for supporting a cure!


Need A Nap2 said...

That's cool you got to go to your alma mater! I really like the new motto - turn type 1 into type none. :)

Naturally Sweet Sisters said...

I love it too! Especially the type NONE.

Can't wait until it is Type NONE and DONE!