Thursday, February 26, 2015

It Was Better Because It Came From Her Friend

For the approximately 589,000,000,000 time - and yes, we have been counting, the question was asked innocently enough to my oldest daughter.

Can you eat these?  Followed by a point at a platter of chocolate chip cookies.

Frustrated but remaining calm, she opened her mouth to respond but before she could say anything further...

Another voice next to her piped up and said, "The only two things that she CAN'T eat are poison and cookies with poison."

Yes, apparently her best friend has been counting that question too.   


Karen said...

That is so awesome!!!! :) What a great friend.

Naturally Sweet Sisters said...

@Karen, seriously, the BEST friendships she could have - and at an age where friendships either make or break your confidence. Truly her group is full of kind, smart and supportive girls. I fully expect this set of kids to change the world!