Wednesday, April 15, 2015

VIDEO ALERT!!!! Naturally Sweet Sisters: Medtronic 530G and Animas Ping Infusion Site Change for #dayofdiabetes

Last night, or was it this morning, I posted at midnight.

Here we are, just a bit before midnight yet again.

I haven't slept more than 5 hours and well, that is just what it is.  Really, this is the easy part.

Before the #dayofdiabetes ended, our very own Naturally Sweet Sisters came up with an idea of creating a simple (under 30 seconds) video to share an infusion set change.

It is disarmingly simple.

And charming.

Especially the proud grins at the end.

However, the smiles mask the obvious chronic health situation that we are in.

Those infusion set changes occur every 2-3 days, marking 150-180 days of their lives.

This doesn't include the other sharp needle poke from weekly to bi-weekly CGM sites, adding around 50 more jabs.

Nor does the video display the tremendous amount of finger sticks that my sweet girls endure throughout the day, totaling around 3,285 stainless steel lancet pricks in year.

Diabetes is painful

Most of all, unless you or someone living with you is attempting to manage those thousands of pokes, it is easy to forget.

Especially when they make it look like it is no big deal.

Remember, it is not.

We need a cure.

#dayofdiabetes #natsweetsisters  #curet1d

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