Wednesday, September 23, 2015

September Reflections - What We Didn't Know

Well, this month about did me in.

Something about sending two girls, or dare I say young ladies, off to junior high and high school is a challenge.  Add in a first year golfer, first time student council campaigner and a third year try-out for the school play, and it is enough to slow the world from turning on it's axis.

But we bravely chugged through and now, we have learned what we didn't know.

Because I have this weird desire to organize as much as I possible can (which works out well in T1D land), here is a top ten list.

What We Didn't Know

10.)  That the binder system is still the BEST way to ensure that glucose is always available.

Any other system will never be as good... including backpacks, purses, lockers, pockets, hands down, having a roll of glucose tabs in your binder is the easiest way to treat a low.

9.)   Teachers forget what we taught them.

Summer brain happens to everyone.  Build in extra time for teaching the teachers/staff that you had before, even if you think they know.  Unless they live it, they forget it. 

8.)  Teens, not parents, are the first point in communication.

That phone that everyone worried about giving their teenagers?  Well, we learned that it is extra useful now as coaches, teachers text and email.  Instant access to reminders, schedules and changes.  Nothing is cooler than watching your teen set up a google calendar.  

7.)  Honors classes are harder.

If it sounds like the best resume builder for our kids, it probably is.  But be warned, it isn't going to be easy.  That resume builder will be earned.  Trust us.

6.)  18-holes of golf in a tournament can take up to 6.5 hours to play.

Our oldest made the golf team and was immediately invited to play in several tournaments and matches.  We are still trying to figure out maintaining blood sugar during 6.5 hours of play.  Leave suggestions if you have them.  We will try it!

5.)  The layout of the high school is confusing to parents, but teens know exactly where to go.  

Two floors of matching hallways, tunnels, corridors and after one walk-thru, she had it.  Incredible!

4.)  Low blood sugars happen more frequently the first week of school.

I fed them both heavy protein breakfast, lunch and dinners.  I packed snacks.  I sent carb treats.  No matter how much pre-planning we did, transitioning from summer to school is a major low-blood sugar monster.

3.)  Homecoming is just a month after school starts. 

Start dress shopping in August. You're welcome. :)

2.)  Teachers will call you by your sister's name.

And you will both love and hate it.

1.)  How much you missed school.

No matter how much you love summer vacation, being back at school feels great!

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