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January Fun: Fora Test N' Go with an Exclusive Naturally Sweet Sisters Unboxing Video


With her sweet-talking nature, we have named her Flora Fora. What did you name your meter?  

January has been a long month.  It's cold.  It's dark.  It's long.  Oh, did I already mention that? For extra emphasis, it's lonnnggggg!  

Both girls are finishing up the semester.  Our oldest has her first set of mid-term exams for high school this week.  Our youngest is entering what the theater lovingly refers to as 'hell week', long days of dress rehearsal and fine-tuning her upcoming middle school play where she will star as Hillary Hook in The Adventures of the Fearsome Pirate Frank. 

Understandably, T1D has even felt a little dodgy.   

In true middle school fashion, I recently had a long talk with our youngest about skipping her blood sugar checks. Noticing a big hole in her insulin pump bolus history, with a few tears, she explained that she was just so busy at school that she actually forgot to test.  I gently but firmly explained that without managing T1D, none of what she wants to do can be accomplished.  Our health is the first priority and by taking care of that, only then can we have fun in activities like her beloved play.  

Conversely, our oldest has been very compliant with managing her blood sugars and dosing insulin for food that she has eaten.  Although part of me worries even more because I suspect that some of her vigilance is stemming from the stress of managing T1D during such an important week of school.  She is well aware that her four years of high school grades count more than ever.  For the first time, there is no do-over in examinations.  Final scores will be added to her transcript and ultimately, her GPA will reflect how well she studied.  Even with a 504 backing her, she'd rather get it right the first time and not be saddled with retakes if her blood sugars aren't behaving. 

So when the FORA Test N' Go was offered to us, we eagerly jumped at the chance to try it out.  Headquartered in Moorpark, California, the ForaCare Company offers several styles of blood sugar meters.  For more information, click HERE.

Or Cut and Paste this link into your browser:  http://shop.foracare.us/Fora-Diabetes-Testing-Kit-Test-NGo-Voice-Meter-Version-800-810-TNG-voice-Bundle.htm

On the day the package arrived, only our oldest daughter was at home.  Upon receiving the big brown box, she said, "I can't wait!  Let's try it out NOW!"  Thankfully, her younger sister was understanding and agreed to not waiting by acknowledging with a confirmation text message, "It's fine to go ahead.  Older sister can show me how it works when I get back home tonight."  (Parenting note... I adore it when they are able to work through situations that I think might be difficult.  Now, why is it so hard to decide what movie to watch on Family Movie Night???)

Upon opening the box, oldest daughter happily found that we were sent one FORA Test N'Go Blood Sugar Meter, One Box of Test Strips, One Lancing Device, One Box of Lancets and a vial of solution to ensure the meter calibrates properly.  

Immediately out of the box, the FORA Test N'Go Blood Sugar Meter was super easy to use.  Without any instructions (although we were also sent beautiful portfolio style instructions of the FORA Blood Sugar Meter product line), our oldest daughter just took off the package wrapping and started the meter right up.  It was so simple and intuitive that anyone could do the same.

And this is the BEST part......!!!!!!

As soon as a strip was inserted, our oldest daughter discovered that the FORA Test N'Go Blood Sugar Meter TALKED!!!!!!  

That's right!  This stylish little blood sugar gadget is full of sweet nothings.  We had a laugh too as her very first BG recorded at 102 mg/dl - what are the chances?  Immediately, oldest daughter was smitten.  Not only did it talk, but it said nice things!  Take that Diabetes Monster!  

Cool, pen-like lancing device holds one single lancet and dials to fit your exact depth needs.

The FORA Test N'Go also used very little blood.  After finally saying good-bye to our beloved BIG UGLY, we have gotten used to another meter that also samples tiny amounts.  One of my daughter's first concerns was the pain associated with the lancet and the amount of blood that it would require.  Both fears were alleviated instantly:  No pain and only .5 ul blood sample using the 30-gauge lancet. 

The five second readout was clear and easy to read.  Late in the night, we tried the meter in different areas such as balancing in the bathroom (it stays put on a pedestal sink) and walking on the treadmill (our oldest has started running this winter).  Our favorite was the girls' bedrooms, where in the dark, which for parents like me, continues to be a place of constant blood sugar testing with very little light sources as the girls are still sleeping.  Using the FORA Test N'Go, for the first time, I knew immediately when I pushed the clean strip in far enough (something that I often struggle with in the dark) as the meter told me it was ready... not a beep, but an actual acknowledgement that the meter was ready.  Amazing!  Later, my youngest daughter also discovered that not only would the FORA Test N'Go talk in English, but in Spanish too.  She excitedly said it would be the hit of every middle school Spanish class student and begged me to take it to the school the next day.   (Parenting note:  This is EXACTLY the kind of thing that sparks T1D management in kids - cool, new gadgets that break away from the blahs of chronic care.  While I am 100% sure that this feature was not designed or intended for this purpose, the reality is that kids view the world differently and reducing their burden of care is just as important as it is for an adult - thank you FORA!)

The backlit LCD was so clear that I found that I could also use it as a flashlight when hunting for her charger cord for her cell phone.  Let's be real... the best meters are the ones that multi-task and flashlight use in the middle of the night is a very honest problem.  

FORA also offers an awesome Diabetes Manager App.  Once I was able to charge my daughter's phone, I took a few seconds to download the FORA mobile app.  The nicest part of having the app is that the blood sugar readings were automatically uploaded to the FORA 24/7 HealthView Cloud app. This is a HUGE time-saver for busy families with ultra busy teens.  Just test and go and let FORA manage blood sugar logging for you.  In fact, why doesn't every meter do this now???  

If you are in the market for a sweet blood sugar meter, than you may want to add the FORA Test N'Go to your list to check out.  It just may lift you out of the winter slump of T1D care AND keep you feeling happy too!

Check out the Naturally Sweet Sisters on YOUTUBE for an unboxing video and to check out the FORA Test N'GO website at www.foracare.com to learn more. 

Hope you enjoy!

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Now you can own your very own meter bundle including everything needed to get started on testing blood sugars with TNG Voice Meter + 100 meter strips.  

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Just enter the special coupon code "sweetsisters" to receive an additional 20% off anything in our store through 2/21/16 (minimum purchase of $50.00).

Disclaimer:  The FORA Test N'Go was provided free of charge in exchange for a product review.  The review is an honest overview of the Naturally Sweet Sisters own ideas and opinions.  ForaCare did not tell us what to say or write about their meters.  We happily shared our own thoughts and feelings about the FORA Test N'Go.  Thank you!

Link to Naturally Sweet Sisters ForaCare directly by cutting this link https://youtu.be/dcWmnqm8duU and pasting it into your browser.  Or click HERE.

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