Wednesday, April 20, 2016

It's HERE!!!!!! DiabetesEmoticons App for Android Lovers

   Diabetes Emoticons- screenshot

We are sooooo excited to share our BIG NEWS!!!!  

The FREE DiabetesEmoticons App for Android has made it's debut!!!!! 

Now you have TWO ways to PLAY!  

1.)  Click HERE to load up some awesomeness or head over to the Google Play Store and search for the "DiabetesEmoticons" App or "Joyce Lee".

2.)  Click HERE to download the equally awesome version for IOS on the AppStore.  Or if you like, search under "DiabetesEmoticons" or "Joyce Lee".

And share, share, share with everyone you know!  We would love to help bring T1D into the common venacular of all that surround us.  After all, T1D is a part of life and we might as well have a bit of joy while we wait for our cure.

If you missed the background, and want to read more about the DiabetesEmoticons App, check out HealthDesignBy.Us and learn how collaboration between doctors, researchers and patient-partners works!

And if you have feedback, tweet us @natsweetsisters, or Dr. Lee at @joyclee, or visit our facebook page for NaturallySweetSisters and leave us a note for what you would like to see with phase 2.  We would also love to hear stories of how your family is using the app.  My personal favorite is the joy that I have from sending our kidlets a couple of text bombs with toilets :)  Yes, we are that kind of parent!

#Togetherwecan #improvediabetesnow #teent1d

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Unknown said...

They aren't working for me. Installed fine on my Android. But I can't seem to be able to upload any into any type of messenger app. I've tried SMS, Hangouts, and Facebook Messenger. Hoping it's just something on my end I'm doing wrong, I was super excited about these.