Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Politics Are Not People

Over the past year, I've listened to many sides of the vast political spectrum.  In observing the daily articles and social media posts, it's been easy to determine the following non-scientific generalizations:

  • There are those in favor of 'this' and others in favor of 'that' but rarely is there an acceptance in knowing we need bits and pieces of both.

  • Some profess open-mindedness but in doing so, spout angry, ugly remarks about any suggested solution and how it can't remedy the problem.

  • Others sharply denounce and degrade anyone with views that differ from their own.  

I find it all to be terribly sad.

Within this new society of radical free speech (meaning say whatever you want to anyone that you want to - especially on social or news media as long as it is behind a computer), what is most often lost, is human kindness.

Not the pay-it-forward-because-I-am-in-line-at-Starbucks kind of human kindness either. No, I'm talking about the fundamental understanding that we are all people.  To be exact; Human Beings.

With that proper designation, it is suddenly clear that we are bound by a commonality of flesh, blood and most especially; the will to live and to be loved.

Human Beings.

By pointing out that basic common denominator in all of us, my hope is that it may help to bring about a small cultural change within our world.  That change could then ripple through the many layers of society, into rules and laws and throughout civilization.

What a great reminder to our administration of remembering our individual selves and all of our fellow Human Beings.

Then, if we work towards actively fixing the problem, sharing our ideas in a positive and constructive environment, we may make headway towards goal-oriented results.

I say this often, #togetherwecan.

After all, politics are not people, but undeniably, Human Beings.  Instead of passively sitting behind a keyboard spouting negativity, I suggest that we continue to do what the #DOC has known to do for so many years... 

Stay informed, stay involved and be sure to vote.  

1.) Keep up on current trends here:

2.) Work with your local ADA and JDRF.

3.)  Know laws that pertain to your needs and communicate to the agencies that are implementing changes to voice your concerns.

4.) And above all... write to your senators, your congress and share the reminder that we are all Human Beings.

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