Thursday, June 15, 2017

Sometimes The Best Outcome is Not a Cure

Sometimes the best possible news arises in a most non-dramatic fashion.  While I would love to pick up the phone and hear someone shout, "There is a CURE! Go get it!" (and for any particular disease that effects any one of us in this world because I really am not choosy - we NEED more cures!!), today, the message on the other end of the line was just as sweet.

"It is NOT systemic!"

If someone ten years ago would have told me that news like that would bring pure joy to our household, I probably would have nonchalantly shrugged it off.  Ten years ago, after the diagnosis of T1D, I was so hyper focused on finding a cure, that I am sure that settling for anything less than, would have been a huge disappointment.

After this week, I am certain that there are shades of wonderful.  Yesterday's hazy gray has given way to a lovely calm, cool and happy bliss.  Our youngest daughter's health is not being threatened by an over abundance of autoimmune diseases.  Yes, she will have her three and yes, there are no guarantees that more will not appear in the future.  Yes, her third is incurable, although remission is possible.  However, today, that is not her worry.  Today, she will continue her journey into a happy childhood; albeit with T1D, Hashimoto's and Chronic Urticaria.

And that is OK.

Sometimes the best outcome is not a cure.

Today, it is an outcome that is healthier than possible others.

Thank you for the kind Facebook comments.  I am so grateful for a community that supports one another.  My heart is full! 

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