Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Counting Down Until Christmas

Today is the last day of school for 2017.  In a matter of hours, my house will resume a family energy.  While mornings will be excessively quiet due to the need to sleep-in, the rest of the day will be full of kids bustling in and out, demands for food and snacks and certainly any intent of a clean home will be long gone. I wouldn't trade it for anything!  It's a special time of year and I hope to keep this tradition for years yet to come.

It is also a good time to take stock in what we are doing within the T1D realm.  Having the girls home, even for short bursts during the day, allows me to see how care is really going.  I can take a few moments to download insulin pumps and CGMs and I can make changes more easily to their daily insulin:carb ratios.  It's a lot easier to do this during break week than when they are at school, work or extracurricular activities.

To help streamline our to-do list, I created a simple list of activities for all of us, including other families, to do at home:

1.)  Reorder supplies.  
This is the end of the year and for many, the out-of-pocket and deductibles have been met.  From now through December 31st, you can take advantage of ordering DME and pharmacy supplies and for most, this is at no additional cost!

2.)  Spend the last of your FSA.  
Have money hanging around?  Many plans allow over-the-counter pharmacy items to be reimbursed.  Check with your employer to see if your plan qualifies to save money on things like alcohol wipes, band aids, contact lens solution, Tylenol, ketone strips and more.

3.)  Review the emergency bag.
Everyone should have an emergency diabetes bag that is ready for instances such as natural disasters or on a positive note, impromptu vacations.  This is a great time to check on the bag and toss expired, out-of-date, or to replace items that no longer are used.  After the bag check is complete, take a moment to remind your family on where and why the bag is available.  It's a great time to review a fire safety plan too. 

4.)  Give a second look at the 504 plan. 
Anyone with school aged children should know that the 504 is a living, breathing document.  It is not a one time make it and forget it.  In fact, December is a great month to review what worked well, what needs improving and what can be added.  Schedule your school meeting for January and start the second half of the year implementing your strategies.  It's a win-win for all, especially your student.

5.) De-stress. 
This is the time of the year where there are many other events, parties and other demands.  As a mom of two with T1D, I urge all of us to practice compassion and kindness to ourselves.  Say no to anything that is not mandatory.  Use your time to spend it with the people that you love the most.  Savor and reflect on far you have come in your T1D journey and most of all, celebrate those victories - big and small! 

Happy holidays from all of us at!  

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