Thursday, May 24, 2018

The RoadMap Project

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Today, I have the pleasure of sharing a very heart-felt collaborative initiative called The RoadMap  Project. 

The RoadMap, a tool for creating meaningful dialogue and offering helpful resources for mental health wellness, was lovingly created in partnership with the American Board of Pediatrics Foundation and a team of many wonderful parent/family advocates and medical providers. I was lucky enough to be on this team and see first hand, the caring and commitment that was brought forth.

To meet a few of our passionate stakeholders, please watch this video.  While it was filmed, there was not a dry eye in the house, but there was something even greater... HOPE.  By creating a RoadMap, we hope to create a generation of patient-centered care that balances all facets of health. This launch is only the beginning of even more to come.

As a patient/parent advisor, my role over the years has been to support my children in all of their well care.  This means not only our pediatric endocrinology appointments, but also, to ensure that they have learned the skills and have the resources to keep mind, body and soul healthy and well. I often say that it takes a village to raise a child, but even more so under the demand of chronic care.  Having a Roadmap will help to ensure that all of our families receive the care that they need. 

I can't be more proud of this project! 

Please take a moment to visit our RoadMap website and to share with friends and family.  We also encourage you to share this link with your own medical providers to help them begin the conversation to ensure that you are getting the best healthcare available. 

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Let's keep the conversation going. 

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