Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Gardening (Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary- How Many Carbs?)

During the past few summers, our family had garden envy.  Mostly in thinking of how fun, delicious and most importantly, CARB FREE, a garden could be.

Over the weekend, we took a stab at our first little garden.  Found on Pinterest, this is what is known as Square Foot Gardening.  Instead of planting in rows, one plants according to the foot.  This method is to utilize space more efficiently and to get a better, more varied selection of plants.

But our question to the Naturally Sweet Sisters audience is do you grow a garden?  What plants do your children most enjoy harvesting from? 

I am excited to hear your ideas!


The Broderick Bulletin said...

We always do tomatoes. We have done lettuce,peppers,zuchinni, we have also tried potatoes but those didnt work for us.

Naturally Sweet Sisters said...

Love that idea! Tomatoes, lettuce and peppers are a favorite.

Will the zuchinni spread too much?

Can't wait to get my seeds in!!!