Saturday, March 3, 2012

Diabetes Craft Project - Bling Your Log Book!

Since our last craft project where we showed you how to bling your infusion site, the Naturally Sweet Sisters wanted to share another easy and fun way to do a bit of crafting with a log book. 

Each year, our little ladies start a new log book which we fill with print-outs from their Animas Ping, Dexcom CGMs and endocrinology appointment paperwork.  Every ditto, copy or interesting article also goes into the binder, making for a very easy reference system for each daughter's type 1 diabetes information. 

As important as that medical information can be, it is also rather boring.  To jazz it up, the girls love to decorate their binders with stickers.  It helps us not only to know to be able to easily identify each daughters information, but it also makes it fun and much more interesting.  Even the clinic looks forward to seeing what the girls have come up with. 

For this project, I try to save and set aside stickers from all of our doctor appointments, the daily junk mail, the dollar store and any birthday goodie bags the kids receive, with the big reveal on the binder decorating day.

For this simple and fun project, all you need is:

New 3-ring Binder
Label maker or name stickers for clearly identifying the owner/child on the outside binder.  Ofcourse, you might not have to worry about this if you only have one family member living with type 1 diabetes.

An optional idea that the girls came up with is to use a magazine to cut-out favorite things and glue on.  You can also buy a white binder and go crazy with Sharpies.  The girls thought this would be fun to do during the "very boring time of adults talking" at an endrocrinology appointment.

In any case, go crazy and have fun.  One neat part of having a customized log book is that it also is a personalized record of your child's interests as they grow older.  While our once Elmo loving daughter is not as interested in cartoon charactors, she loves to look back at her folders and remember how much she did enjoy Sesame Street. 

And I love that by chance, we have discovered another way to make living with type 1 diabetes a little bit more sweet.


NikDuck said...

I LOVE this! This is such a great idea and wonderful way to get your children involved in their care and make it fun. How fun that you make a special day of it to look forward to. It's always interesting to see how others organize and manage all the diabetes info as well. Thanks for sharing.

Naturally Sweet Sisters said...

Yay! Love to share these ideas and have someone like them too. No more diabetes "blah-dome" for any of us:) Who says medical stuff can't be fun????!!!

Unknown said...

Love this!!! I'm a mom of two type 1 diabetic daughters too. They would love to bling out their log books!! Thanks for sharing :)