Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Diabetes Craft Project - Bling Your Site

Here is a great Thanksgiving break project for you and your children with diabetes.

Years ago, in my ongoing quest to take the cold, drab and sterile look out of type 1 diabetes for my very vibrant and sweet newly diagnosed three year-old, I stumbled across this neat product.

It is a sticker that can be placed over the infusion set adhesive. 

 There, isn't that better?

From the Groovy Patch Website

But these cute little stickers are pretty expensive.  12 stickers for $11.95.

And as a 'now' 8 and 10 year-old tend to think, there isn't enough design choices.  When you do choose, the stickers arrive in packs of four and there are no duplicates.  That means that the popular pattern can't be split for two girls to share.  Someone always feels left out.

Which then makes two sisters feel bad.

So as a commander-in-chief of our diabetes world, I thought why couldn't any sticker or scrapbook paper work for a special infusion site? 

And this is what the Naturally Sweet Sisters came up with.


Bling Your Site Craft Items Needed:  Old infusion set with adhesive still intact, scrapbook paper, gemstones (optional), IV3000, scissors, pencil for tracing.

1.)  First, take a piece of any kind of beautifully patterned scrapbook paper.  For our examples, we used rubber duckies and pink/blue plaid.

2.)  Trace the shape of the adhesive tape from an old infusion site onto the scrapbook paper. 

3.)  Cut out the center shape of the plastic cannula attachment to tubing.  This will allow the paper to be placed over the infusion site.  Try the paper on your old site to ensure that it fits.  We had to trim a bit more off to get a nice fit.    

4.)  Next, pick up an IV3000 clear sticky tape, cut a second hole (just like above) to place over the plastic cannula attachment. 

5.)  Now you are ready!  Pick your new infusion set location.  The girls chose their arm to show off the colors and decided on wearing short sleeve shirts the next day. 

After the site is injected, place your custom made scrapbook paper over the infusion site.  Add a gemstone if you want and then place the IV3000 clear sticky tape over the entire site and stickers/scrapbook paper.  The IV3000 will hold everything on for at least one or two days.

4.)  Be sure to smooth the tape down over the paper and reconnect your insulin pump.  Admire your beautiful new infusion set.

Cost is about $.10 for a 2 inch square of paper and most likely free for the IV3000 tape as we all seem to have an abundance of those in our supply closets.

Also remember that this won't hold up in the water, so if you are swimming or bathing, be sure to do this on the last day of your site change and take it off as soon as it gets wet.  We did ours right after the nightly shower before bed.  It was a great way to relax and wind down, even with getting a needle poke. 

Sometimes, a little fun helps make those boo-boos a little bit better!

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